Charlie Guy (United Kingdom)

LettUs Grow, launched in 2015 in Bristol, wants to bring affordable food growing to the modern city with integrated farm management software. The start-up designs efficient irrigation and farm control systems for indoor farms. The systems deliver higher crop yields, reduce production costs and make farmers’ lives easier.

The technology uses the methodology of soil-free aeroponics, where nutrients and water are delivered to plant roots as a mist. Not only does this allow greater oxygenation of the roots, delivering better flavour and faster growth, but it also uses up to 95% less water than traditional agriculture.

Plants are grown within aeroponic grow beds and all data gets uploaded to the Ostara™ software platform, which reduces unnecessary labour and optimises conditions for each individual plant species within the farm. LettUs Grow’s novel technology represents a step-change in efficiency in this fast growing global market, predicted to be worth over $13bn by 2024.


LettUs Grow - Charlie Guy (United Kingdom)


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Charlie Guy


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United Kingdom
Company LettUs Grow
Country United Kingdom
Co-founder & Managing Director  Charlie Guy
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