Emil Goosen (The Netherlands)

Dutch start-up, AquaBattery, has invented the Blue Battery: the only electrical storage system that is 100% sustainable. This product stores electricity solely using water and table salt. The invention will revolutionise the energy storage world and foster the growth of renewable energy technologies around the globe.

Currently, batteries with large capacity are toxic, material-intensive and expensive. AquaBattery wants to stop the use of toxic materials, such as the acids used to build conventional batteries, which are extremely damaging to the environment. The Blue Battery technology provides the ultimate environmentally-friendly and safe way to store electricity at all scales for a very competitive price.



AquaBattery - Emil Goosen (The Netherlands)


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Emil Goosen


Finalist 2018




The Netherlands
Company AquaBattery
Country The Netherlands
COO Emil Goosen
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Finalist
Website www.aquabattery.nl