Tessa Callaghan (United States)

AlgiKnit envisions a world where fashion can work with and not against earth’s natural ecosystems. The biomaterials company integrates science and design into textile production. It provides solutions to help bring fashion into a circular economy. Addressing the ecological damage caused by the fashion industry, AlgiKnit is creating durable yet quickly degradable yarns made from organisms such as kelp, that is one of the most effective carbon sinks on the planet - not to mention a highly efficient producer of oxygen.

Kelp is one of the fastest growing organisms on earth - up to 10 times faster than bamboo. It is grown in aquatic farms around the world in coastal communities, often by fishermen and women, providing income during the fishing off-season. Kelp in coastal waters absorbs nutrients from agricultural and sewer run-off that can alter coastal environments. This recaptures nutrients for the next generation of biomaterials.

AlgiKnit’s production process has a minimal carbon footprint and fits into a closed loop life-cycle, utilizing materials that are non-toxic, and even safe to eat. When the material wears out, rather than adding to landfills, it becomes food for microorganisms and animals in the ocean and on land. Biology is the future of fashion.



Algiknit - Tessa Callaghan (United States)


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Tessa Callaghan (US)


Finalist 2018


Design/Cradle to cradle


United States
Company Algiknit
Country United States
Co-founder & CEO Tessa Callaghan
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Finalist
Website www.algiknit.com