Tonnis Hooghoudt (NL)

Ioniqa Technologies is a high tech chemical company in the Eindhoven region founded in 2009. The company is a spin-off from the Technical University Eindhoven and the Dutch Polymer Institute, specialised in 'Magnetic Smart Processes'.

The company focuses on creating value from waste and discovered a profitable cradle2cradle solution for PET Polyester plastics. With the use of Magnetic Smart Materials, that reversibly change properties when a magnetic field is applied, Ioniqa can recycle any kind of PET and produce ‘virgin’ raw materials, similar to the ones currently made from crude oil.

The company thereby solves two problems at the same time: reducing the amount of PET-waste, and becoming less dependent on scarce resources.

Gate fees for waste set by local governments force OEMs to search actively for innovative solutions for waste streams generated by taking back their products from end-customers (reverse logistics). This circular recycling process for the infinite recycling of PET bottles can also be used for textiles and carpets infinitely. Thereby Ioniqa contributes to the circular economy.