Oshik Efrati (IL)

HomeBiogas introduces a revolutionary backyard biogas system that will transform your household waste into clean energy. It brings off-the-grid, compact, and user-friendly waste-to-energy into your backyard. The appliance converts food leftovers and animal manure into clean cooking gas and liquid natural fertilizer, all while maintaining the highest safety and health standards.

HomeBiogas is compatible with both rural and urban lifestyles. The system is ideal for families who live in a warm climate area in a detached or a semi-detached home with a garden. On average, the system produces up to 2 hours of cooking gas each day – the perfect amount for three meals. Unlike composters, HomeBiogas can accept all foods, including meat, fish, oil and fats.

Biogas is made up of small molecules, which are lighter than air. When released into the surrounding environment, the biogas loses its ability to ignite and will quickly diffuse upwards, leaving the premise immediately. The system stores the gas in a soft case, at a low pressure, which prevents explosion.

The sustainable start up managed to sell more than 300 systems and is now going into mass production.