Zhengliang Wu (DE)

Green City Solutions’ mission is to make clean urban air profitable. Their vision is to mitigate climate change and fight air pollution through a highly intelligent and profitable climate infrastructure for sustainable and liveable cities of tomorrow.

The green start-up invented the CityTree, a four-meter high freestanding installation that uniquely combines plants with the Internet of Things. Moss cultures have the ability to attract air pollution from the surroundings and a surface of 4 x 3 meters can “eat” as much fine-dust as 275 trees. Each unit takes 1% of the space and 5% of the costs of a real tree. Smart sensors facilitate monitoring and control. Solar panels and rainwater retention minimise maintenance. The “tree” could help cities meet pollution-reduction targets and even reduce temperatures.

Green City Solutions works on its vision of greener, smarter and more liveable urban environments by helping cities worldwide to become free of air pollution. The pilot project “CityTree Scaler” in the city of Modena aims to gain high quality data on the impact of the biotechnological plant filters in a real urban environment. Green City Solutions aims to realise more projects like this and implement many CityTrees all over Europe, and eventually also expand to Asia.