Jonne Hellgren (Finland)

RePack is a globally unique, reusable packaging service for eCommerce whereby delivery packages can be easily returned, and then reused. RePack users simply return their packaging by folding it into letter size and dropping it into a postbox free of charge.

For every RePack return, there is an incentive attached. Users get an automatic refund on their deposit as a voucher, which can be redeemed at any participating RePack store. Once returned, RePacks are cleaned, checked and redistributed.

The reusable packages come in three adjustable sizes and are made of durable and recycled materials. RePack reduces CO2 emissions from packaging by up to 80%, and there is no waste – a simple solution to an ever-growing problem. RePack is the easiest way to implement circular economy in eCommerce.

RePack - Jonne Hellgren (Finland)


green man

Jonne Hellgren


Nominee 2018


Design/Cradle to cradle


Company RePack
Country Finland
Co-founder & CEO Jonne Hellgren
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee