The Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge, organized by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, processes personal data and uses cookies and similar technologies. In this Privacy & Cookie Statement the Dutch Postcode Lottery informs you about who we are and for what purpose we process personal data.

1. Who are we?

The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge is initiated by Nationale Postcode Loterij N.V., People’s Postcode Lottery, Svenska Postkodlotteriet and Deutschen Postcode Lottery (together: "the Postcode Lotteries") to encourage the development of new, innovative, creative and yet commercially viable products and/or services that contribute to an eco-friendly lifestyle, directly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and score highly on convenience, quality and design.

The Dutch Postcode Lottery is located at Beethoven 200, 1077 JZ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

People’s Postcode Lottery is located at 28 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, EH2 4ET, Schotland.

Deutsche Postcode Lotterie is located at Martin-Luther-Platz 28, D-40212 Düsseldorf, Germany

Svenka Postkod Lotteriet is located at Klarabergsviadukten 63, Box 193, SE-101 23 Stockholm, Sweden

2. For what purpose are we processing personal data?

The Dutch Postcode Lotteries collect and process personal data for clear and predetermined purposes, namely:

  • To enter and organize the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge (now and in the future).
  • We also collect the personal data to get in contact with the participant and for sending results, newsletters and other information in relation to the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge;
  • To optimize the website by collecting and analyse and use of (personal) data;
  • Complying with legal obligations;

3. What personal information are we gathering?

The Dutch Postcode Lotteries collect the following personal data:

  • Personalia when you fill out the registration form (for example: name, address, nationality, telephone number, date of birth);
  • Email address (If you sign up for the newsletter);
  • Interaction data (for example your IP address, cookie ID’s, surfing habitats).
  • Each participant must submit a business plan for a product or service as described in the terms and conditions via the entry form on the website, which form is hosted by YouNoodle, Inc.

4. Which cookies are we placing?

Please note that it is possible to adjust your browser settings if you want to refuse cookies.

If you click on the green “Yes I Accept” button, you are giving the Postcode Lotteries consent to the use of cookies. Below you will find a list of cookies that are used on this website and their purposes.

Cookie name                   _svs,
Purpose                          Stores information about the visitiors cookie permission preferences
Retention period             2 years

Cookie name                   _svtri 
Purpose                          Cookie that adds any tracking on-site anonymous to the profile of the visitor     
Retention period             2 years

Cookie name                   _svtri 
Purpose                          Anonymous cookie that registers whether you have been to our website before.
Retention period             2 years

Cookie name                   _ga
Purpose                          Provides insight in the visitor’s use of this website
Retention period             2 years

Cookie name                   _gid   
Purpose                          Analytical cookie that measures website visits (anonymous)
Retention period             24 hours

Cookie name                   _gat  
Purpose                          Cookie that regulates the number of contact moments with the servers
Retention period             1 minute

Cookie name                   __atuvc
Purpose                          The __atuvc cookie is created and read by the site´s JavaScript to share the AddThis of the Client in order to assure that the user have the updated recount when sharing a website and come back later to that web before updating the cache that counts the actions. No data is sent to the AddThis, disabling cookies might cause unexpected behaviour for users.
Retention period             25 months

Cookie name                   __atuvs
Purpose                          Shares content with a wide range of nets platforms and shared resources. Store an updated counter of shared websites.                         
Retention period             30 min

Cookie name                   NID, HSID, SSID, APISID, SAPISID
Purpose                          Provides information about the effectiveness of Google Adwords
Retention period             1 year

Cookie name                   _drt, _id
Purpose                          Provides information about the effectiveness of the media deployed by Doubleclick media, which is used to pay our media partners.
Retention period             2 years

Cookie name                   _drt_,id, DSID, IDE
Purpose                          Provides information about the effectiveness of used media by Doubleclick.
Retention period             2 years

Cookie name               Conversion Pixel
Purpose                       A specific type of pixel that is triggered to indicate that a user has successfully completed a specific action such as a purchase or registration. This user action is considered a conversion. The conversion data is used to exclude web visitors from further paid marketing activities and to measure the success of digital marketing efforts. 
Retention period         540 days

Cookie name               Adience/Retargeting Pixel
Purpose                      Provides the opportunity to retarget individuals that land on a dedicated URL on which the pixel is placed.          
Retention period         
540 days

Cookie name                   Facebook: Act, c_user, csm, fr, lu, s, presence, p, xs, _fbp
Purpose                          Provides information about the effectiveness of Facebook. The pixel base code tracks activity on our website, providing a baseline for measuring specific events. By measuring events we have the ability to capture website traffic into audience that we can use for targeting purposes.
Retention period             Max. 1 year

Cookie Name                   ServerID      
Purpose                          Technically necessary cookie that ensures that the same session is always loaded via the same server. 
Retention period             Until closing browser

Cookie Name                  31_31 (relay 42)    
Purpose                          Technically necessary cookie for cookie permission
Retention period             1 year

Cookie Name                  R42-collect-[ID] (relay 42)
Purpose                          Anonymous cookie that registers whether you have been to our website before.
Retention period             3 months

5. How do we ensure confidential handling of personal data?

The Postcode Lotteries are committed to protecting personal data. We take appropriate technical and organizational measures in order to protect personal data. We share personal data only in accordance with this Privacy & Cookie Statement and only with third parties when lawful and carefully done.

6. How long do we retain personal data?

We retain the personal data no longer than necessary for the purposes of which the personal data is collected.

7. Complaints

Complaints with regard to the processing of your personal data can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If your complaint is not being handled to your satisfaction, you can file a complaint at the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

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