“These pioneers have already stolen our hearts.”

Green start-ups from the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden, the countries with a Postcode Lottery, can once again secure a place in the final of the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge.

A total of 650 green start-ups from the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden - all the countries with a Postcode Lottery - have submitted their green business plans. From these plans, the juries in the various lottery countries have chosen 25 nominees, who were announced today. Circular Stories - also a green start-up - helped us to tell their stories.

For a better world
As two solid business professionals, Ellekari Klaasse and Marielle Van Hemert of Circular Stories decided it was time to use their knowledge and skills for a better world: “We wanted to know how the circular economy works in practice. This resulted in our first Circular Tour through Europe where we interviewed 22 entrepreneurs on this subject and the idea for Circular Stories emerged. We saw a great need among sustainable entrepreneurs to tell their stories, to position themselves, and to market their products. We help them, and we have developed a platform on which we share their stories. In this way we want to provide them with a stage, and inspire and activate others to take the step to a circular business themselves.” -> View their own story here. 

Increasing opportunities to take the next step
Circular Stories has since taken part in several challenges. Ellekari: “Acquiring capital and publicity is very important in this phase. The award ceremony is known to us as the place where extraordinary start-ups can increase their chances of taking the next step. This year, we were also one of the entries for the 2020 Green Challenge! Our marketing platform looked a bit odd in between all those technical innovations. We noticed a big difference in the various initiatives’ approach to participation.” 

25 unique stories
This year, there is extra attention for the 25 best entries. Ellekari: “They asked us to help with storytelling. Last week, we were producing 25 unique stories about the entrepreneurs and their products in five different countries. And that was quite a challenge in itself, in view of the Coronavirus.” Check out other stories that they’ve made here.

“So much love, skill and enthusiasm”
The nominees were announced to the general public today. Ellekari: “But these pioneers have already stolen our hearts during the production. This project has given us every confidence in the future, because there is so much love, skill and enthusiasm in these entrepreneurs. Then it must be all right. During the summer, up to the award ceremony, their stories will be shared on different platforms and channels, and all of Europe will be able to reflect on the finalists and potential winners!”

Read more about the project on circularstories.org.



Ellekari Klaasse and Marielle Van Hemert of Circular Stories