Making a Good Pitch Video: 5 Tips for Success!



Green start-ups from the Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Norway and Sweden, the countries with a Postcode Lottery, can once again secure a place in the final of the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge.

Got a great green business plan to submit to the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge? Then you’ll also need a pitch video, which is one of the required elements for the competition. Here are some tips for making a good video to help kick-start your creativity!

1. Keep it short

Keep your video pitch as short as you can by getting to the point as quickly as possible. In total your video should explain all the key points of your business plan in no more than two minutes. When making your pitch, remember: Although you may be deep into your project, your audience has no prior knowledge of your idea. Keep it simple, succinct and sharp.  

2. Start strong

Aim to catch the jury’s attention in the first few seconds. Introduce yourself and the story behind your product. Show the problem you are committed to solving, how you propose to do that, and who will benefit. Make sure to include in what way your idea contributes to a more sustainable world.

3. Entertain and engage

Make your video creative, interesting and personal. Tell your story and explain what you want to do in such a way that it allows people to get to know you and share your enthusiasm. Package your message in a visually attractive way that will entertain until the end. Show the jury with drawings, photos, videos or prototypes what you already have, and how you see the project developing. How will the prize money accelerate your project?

4. Be professional

Try to keep your video quality value as high as that of your product. We're not looking for the best-looking clip; we're looking for a good pitch. But you can get a few basic principles right, such as good sound, lighting and editing, and limit distractions or background noise. Start by writing out a script and test it until you’re ready to record it. With the camera positioned at eye-level, look directly into the lens and present your plan with confidence and passion. And it has to be in English.

5. Why you?

End with a hook! Invite the jury to choose you and tell them why you deserve to win. Give them confidence and assurances that you can do what you say you can. Let them know your commitment to further developing your project, and what specifically that will entail.


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