The Power Collective

Dean Gregory (UK)

The Power Collective is focused on addressing the challenges of global warming by developing practical and environmentally sympathetic sustainable energy solutions.

The Power Collective developed the RidgeBlade, a wind turbine that, instead of being located in an open field or the ocean, is mounted to the roof of a building. A roof offers a perfect place for a wind turbine seeing as air travels much faster when pushed over the peak of a roof, just as over the aerofoil on an airplane wing. The wind is forced to travel over the roof surface and forms a pinch point at the roof ridge, accelerating the airflow through the turbine.

As a result, measured wind speed around the ridge can be just over three times the actual wind speed. Placing the turbine in this high flow area means that up to nine times the energy is available compared to a HAWT (Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine) system.

The specially developed and patented design provides a simple and affordable solution to generate electricity by wind at any location for business and households. Because the turbines are mounted to the roofs of homes, they do not only need to be 100 per cent safe, they also have to be quiet and they can't vibrate.





The Power Collective
Dean Gregory (UK)


Company The Power Collective Ltd.  
Country United Kingdom
Founder & CEO Dean Gregory
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Winner 2009
What Wind energy from wind turbines
How Efficient wind turbines suited for the roof of an average home
Founded in 2009
Employees 2+
Founder's wisdom “Be tenacious and believe in yourself, but not too much. Focus on what you are good at and hire people for skills you don’t have. Make sure you have the right people doing the right things.”
Dean Gregory
Winner 2009
United Kingdom