The Great Bubble Barrier

Anne Marieke Eveleens (The Netherlands)

Everywhere around the world awareness is growing that the amount of plastic in our oceans is highly dangerous, for both our maritime ecosystems and our own health. The majority of the plastics in the oceans (80%) comes from land, via rivers and canals, and originates from cities. Litter is blown into the water and transported straight to sea without any barrier to stop it. Current barrier systems that are available usually not only block plastics, they block ship traffic and aquatic life as well, so they are not a good fix for the problem.

The Great Bubble Barrier has found a way to block plastics and allow passage of ships and fish. It uses a bubble barrier: a barrier made of air, which directs the waste to the side of the canal or river using the natural current and captures the plastic debris before it enters our oceans.

By recovering the plastic waste early in its long “pollution career” the company minimizes its negative impact on the environment. It also recovers a valuable resource and brings it back into the plastic value chain, reducing the need for virgin plastic materials in the future and thereby reducing CO2.



The Great Bubble Barrier - Anne Marieke Eveleens (The Netherlands)

Anne Marieke Eveleens
Winner 2018
Design/Cradle to cradle
The Netherlands



Company The Great Bubble Barrier
Country The Netherlands
Co-founder & CEO Anne Marieke Eveleens
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Finalist