Igor Kluin (NL)

Founded in 2005 by Igor Kluin, Qurrent was the winner of the very first Postcode Lottery Green Challenge in 2007. It allows neighbours to share their sustainably generated energy with each other through the “Q-box”. The prize money allowed Kluin to further develop the Q-box and start a pilot phase. At ten different locations, hundreds of Q-boxes were set up to test and monitor energy usage.

Creating true and lasting impact was always Kluin’s ultimate goal. In order to do so, Qurrent needed to scale up, which required a serious financial investment. He had been looking for a partner in the energy industry for a while, but Qurrent’s business model clashed too much with the existing structures.

With the financial help of the Postcode Lottery’s Dream Fund, the DOEN Foundation was able to make a large investment in Qurrent. Qurrent was a perfect fit with the DOEN Foundation in their ambition to make 100.000 households in the Netherlands energy-neutral.

The DOEN Foundation took over Qurrent in 2011, and several other investments were subsequently made. Today, Qurrent has grown into one of the greenest energy companies of The Netherlands. Kluin continued working for his company for another two years before leaving to chase new dreams.





Igor Kluin (NL)



Company Qurrent
Country The Netherlands
Founder & CEO Igor Kluin
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Winner 2007
What Local sustainable energy
How Generating and sharing solar power with your neighbors through the “Q-box”
Founded in 2005
Employees 50+
Founder's wisdom “Celebrate the small victories, the big ones are difficult to come by. And remember: it takes five years to become an ‘overnight success”
Website www.qurrent.nl


Igor Kluin
Winner 2017
The Netherlands