Willem Kesteloo (NL)

PHYSEE believes in sustainable innovation without compromise. From a physicist angle new insights and technologies can alter the way we see and use our surroundings. From that believe they developed the PowerWindow. PowerWindows are fully transparent energy-generating windows. A coating on the outside windowpane collects light that would normally be reflected, and solar cell strips in the window frame convert it into electricity.

In dense cities, commercial buildings account for most carbon emissions. PowerWindows can supply half the energy for a renovated commercial building and up to 100% for a new building. Optional tinted panes for hot climates produce more electricity while cutting cooling costs. The jury praised PHYSEE because its technology adds value to a component every building needs.

It’s quite a challenge to disrupt the glass, energy and real estate industry at the same time, but PHYSEE is getting there. Together with OVG Real Estate they are now validating the technology during their first pilot project at the Rabobank office in Eindhoven.




Willem Kesteloo (NL)



Company PHYSEE  
Country The Netherlands
Founder & CEO Willem Kesteloo
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Winner 2016
What Generating electricity with a window
How A coating collects light that would normally be reflected, and solar cells in the frame convert it into electricity.
Founded in 2014
Employees 10
Founder's wisdom "In the end we will only regret the things we didn't do"
Website Website PHYSEE


Willem Kesteloo
Winner 2016
The Netherlands