Mango Materials

Molly Morse (USA)

Mango Materials produces non-toxic, biodegradable plastics that will reduce global warming and can be used for many applications. Current plastics are everywhere, and they are produced from non-sustainable petrochemicals and persist indefinitely in landfills and the natural environment. Mango Materials is excited to change this through their new plastic that is produced from waste methane gas and will degrade at the end of its useful life.

Mango Materials’ bioplastic is made from bacteria using methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas that is abundantly available and often considered "waste". They produce pellets, which can be used by manufacturers to convert into a variety of plastic products such as children's toys, electronic casings, water bottles, and food packaging.

This bioplastic will replace conventional plastics that accumulate in the environment, harming ecosystems and consuming space and resources. Mango Materials' bioplastic naturally biodegrades back to methane; thus, the process is a closed loop, cradle-to-cradle solution.




Mango Materials
Molly Morse (USA)



Company Mango Materials  
Country United States
Founder & CEO Molly Morse
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Winner 2012
What Natural biopolymers
How Mango Materials produces a naturally occurring biopolymer from waste biogas (methane) that is economically competitive with conventional oil-based materials.
Founded in 2010
Employees 20+
Founder's wisdom “Spend a lot of time putting together your Green Challenge application. It’s incredibly valuable – we still refer to it from time to time.”


Molly Morse
Winner 2012
Design/Cradle to Cradle
United States