Janine Steeger


Journalist, Moderator, Speaker and Co-Founder of Futurewoman.de

For nearly 20 years Janine worked for different tv stations in germany as a journalist, reporter and host. In 2011 she was pregnant with her son when she watched a lot of reports about the Fukushima disaster. In this moment something started to work in her mind and her heart. From this point on she changed her life into a more sustainable way. First only her private life, but after a few years she talked to bosses at RTL Television and tried to convince them to bring a show about sustainability on screen. But she failed and after that she decided to quit her former dream job and start a new career as Green Janine. 

Since 2015 she is a well known moderator and speaker for all themes of sustainability. In february 2020 Janine published her first book - „Going Green - why you don’t have to be perfect to save the planet“. 

Janine also had the idea for Futurewoman.de - a platform that wants to make female experts in sustainability visible. In 2020 she founded with two other women the Futurewoman Company. The future goal is to have more divers programs and guests on stages, in newspapers and on screen, talking about sustainability.