About us

The Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge is one of the largest competitions in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship. Green start-ups from Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden can submit their promising sustainable business plans. The winner will receive €500,000 to further develop the product or service, and to bring it to market. The runner-up will receive €200,000 and the three other finalists will receive €100,000 each. An international jury selects the winner and runner-up. In addition to the prize money, all finalists will receive over six months of expert coaching to optimise their business opportunities.

The Dutch Postcode Lottery started the competition in 2007 to look for dedicated entrepreneurs with brilliant green business ideas. Ideas that will speed up the transition towards a more sustainable planet. The answers to the issues of our time are already in front of us, but it takes entrepreneurs like the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge finalists to present us with sustainable solutions and get them out into the world.

How does the competition work?
Green entrepreneurs can submit their sustainable business plans at www.greenchallenge.info (free of charge). After the entry period, the organisation will announce the 25 nominees who have a chance of becoming a finalist. Five finalists will then be selected for the final round of the competition, where they will present their business plan in front of a selected audience and an international panel of experts during the grand final in the Netherlands. After the decision round the judges will announce the winner of the €500,000 as well as the runner‐up who will win €200,000 and the three other finalists who will receive €100,000 each. No shares, no returns, just support.


The DOEN Foundation

The DOEN Foundation (Stichting DOEN) monitors the finalists after the competition is over. The prize money isn’t transferred in full immediately. In collaboration with the respective companies, the foundation will decide when payments need to be made. Throughout the year, they’ll check in on progress made and offer their expertise and connections when needed. The added value is also visible through their network. They actively connect the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge participants to partners, allowing them to develop their business faster.

With the contribution of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, the DOEN Foundation launched the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Fund at the Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge 2016. The former prize winners benefit a great deal from the prize money of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, but it often occurs that new funding is necessary to obtain further growth. Former finalists who have sufficient effectiveness are eligible for further investment to enable further development. In addition to financial support, the DOEN Foundation also provides substantive added value by connecting the right parties in its network and therefore assisting these companies further.

The DOEN Foundation was established in 1991 by the Dutch Postcode Lottery. The foundation was given the following assignment: to pursue the same objectives as the lottery (people and nature) and to complement the lottery’s work. The DOEN Foundation receives an annual contribution of the Dutch Postcode Lottery for supporting green, social and creative pioneers.