Diego Acevedo - BluerisePlan: Bluerise develops energy systems that use temperature differences in the oceans to generate electricity and cooling. Covering seventy percent of our globe, the oceans are world’s largest solar collectors and provide a vast amount of clean and renewable energy, day and night.

Bluerise enables tropical islands and coastal regions to become 100% energy independent and save up to 90% on cooling related electricity use. The thermal energy stored in the tropical ocean can be used to generate sustainable electricity, cooling, and fresh water.We specialize in OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion), SWAC (Seawater Air Conditioning) technologies and related Deep Sea Water applications.

Bluerise is currently developing World’s first commercial Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion plant to be located at the premises of Curacao International Airport and has more projects ongoing.

Bio: I'm a 32 year old entrepreneur with passion for renewable energy, technology and integration of people. Being a father I realize the need to work on solutions that can reach millions of people by matching local needs with resources available. I have passion for languages and cultures. I am originally from Colombia and have studied and lived in different places in the world. I currently live in Aruba and prior to that in the Netherlands where before joining Bluerise I studied Sustainable Energy Technologies at the TU Delft.

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Bluerise has a holistic view of the synergetic use of deep, cold, nutrient rich ocean water for sustainable energy, water and food production. The Bluerise team consists of international, like-minded, both seasoned and young entrepreneurs with a proven track record of bringing to the market cutting edge and world changing technologies. Bluerise has created and keeps expanding a strong partner network to develop and sustain these solutions.

Passion, creative thinking, a sustainable mindset and a fresh 21st century look at all system components drives Bluerise to design economical viable and technically feasible solutions. Bluerise proposes a phased approach to growth of Ocean Thermal Energy technologies, having proved the concept with their prototype installation in The Netherlands and starting their first commercial installation in Curacao in preparation for even larger installations.

How do you feel about being a Green Challenge finalist?

I am happy and grateful to the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge for the opportunity to be able to showcase the potential of developing sustainable energy and food solutions from the ocean. I truly believe that the solution we work on is a game-changing alternative that will provide significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and encourages more sustainable thinking about the use of our resources. Being nominated as a finalist in the prestigious Green Challenge gives us validation on being on the right track. Winning the challenge would ensure that our work is accelerated, making the solution available and visible to the greater public.





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