Lara van Druten (The Netherlands)

"We are on a mission to revolutionise how we deal with waste in a way that is green, clean, entrepreneurial and smart. We allow everyone to create their own energy by transforming organic waste on-site, in installations housed in shipping containers, into green energy. No transportation. No CO2. We also recover the water and nutrients in the waste, and to give all of these back to the same site.

It’s a gamechanger that allows markets, hospitals, airports and local communities, to power their future with good energy whilst realising small-scale circular economies around something that would otherwise be wasted. Our game-changer is not just about the technology. We have an unique approach to realising our waste revolution through our “Business in a Box”.

We go to market by offering young entrepreneurs all over the world, the opportunity to run one of our installations as a business providing them with the financial and technical support needed to be successful whilst cleaning their neighbourhoods. The result is a healthy business case for all: the local community, the entrepreneur & the environment."

The Waste Transformers BV - Lara van Druten (The Netherlands)


green man

Lara van Druten


Nominee 2017




The Netherlands
Company The Waste Transformers BV
Country The Netherlands
Founder & CEO Lara van Druten
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee

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