Samir Ibrahim (Kenya)

"SunCulture was founded on the triple-bottom-line idea that profit generation should be complemented by environmental and social value creation and that visionary companies can create all three simultaneously at massive scale without sacrificing financial returns. SunCulture co-founders Samir and Charlie were sickened by the fact that ¾ of the world’s poorest and hungriest people are farmers, so they started SunCulture with the intention of creating one of Africa’s largest agricultural companies by providing smallholder farmers with the capital, knowledge and technology necessary to address poverty and hunger by increasing yields in an environmentally sustainable manner.

SunCulture's bundle of products and services makes it simpler and cheaper for farmers in Africa to grow high quality fresh fruits and vegetables, making them more successful, and was the first company to commercialize solar-powered drip irrigation in Africa. The company's irrigation kit replaces expensive fuel pumps with a more efficient solar powered solution. Additionally, the system replaces traditional, unreliable irrigation techniques, such as furrow or rainfed irrigation, thus saving farmers water, labour and time.

The solution relies on solar power to pump water into a raised tank, after which gravity directs the water through irrigation lines directly to crops. Switching to SunCulture’s system increases a farmer’s yields by up to 300% and decreases water usage by up to 80%. In the next year, current SunCulture farmers will save 370 million gallons of freshwater, generate over 84,000 kilowatt hours of renewable energy, and grow over 20 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables."

SunCulture - Samir Ibrahim (Kenya)


green man

Samir Ibrahim


Nominee 2017




Company SunCulture
Country Kenya
Founder & CEO Samir Ibrahim
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee

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