Arnaud van der Veen (The Netherlands)

"Tocano has been founded in June 2015 by Venkatesh Chandrasekar and Arnaud van der Veen with the aim to commercialize the promising technology of printing without toners or cartridges (Inkless) that was invented by Venkatesh during his graduation project at the TU Delft. Tocano’s founding mission is to replace worldwide, all black-and-white printing solutions by Inkless printers.

Today, Tocano consists of 4 Fulltimers and 4 Parttime Employees, all working hard to make our common dream of a cartridge-free world happen. In order to print, current printers either require consumables (cartridges, ink or toners) or special coatings on the paper (think of e.g. receipt printers). Unlike these current printing solutions, Tocano's patented Inkless printing technology doesn't require any of these consumables or special coatings. This makes Tocano the first party worldwide that is capable to print on conventional paper without the need of any supplies.

And this, without compromising on the printing quality and speed performance, as these properties are competitive to the performance of existing printers. The Inkless technology works on all paper-based substrates. This means that a.o. printing on normal office paper, cardboard packaging and labels is possible.

This makes Tocano's printing technology suitable for multiple market segments: office printing, production printing, packaging printing (Coding&Marking) and Label printing. The advantages that our technlogy bring in all these market segments are a significant reduction of the printing costs, printing more envirnonmentely friendly and printing unlimited because the change of cartridges never will be needed again."

Tocano (Inkless) - Arnaud van der Veen (The Netherlands)


green man

Venkatesh Chandrasekar


Nominee 2017




The Netherlands (Delft)
Company Tocano (Inkless)
Country The Netherlands
Founder & CEO Arnaud van der Veen
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee

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