Elia Festo (Tanzania)

"East Africa Fruits Co. creates an innovative model to tackle poverty and post-harvest losses among farmers in Tanzania and the rest of Sub- Saharan Africa. More than half of farmers’ produce never gets to the market. This is over 4.5million tonnes of Food going to waste, equivalent to at least $2.6 billion annually, which releases over 11.76 million tonnes of Carbon-dioxide gas hence increasing Greenhouse Gas Emission.

While these figures are just for Tanzania; in Sub-Saharan Africa, there is more than 230 million tonnes of food going to waste, equivalent to over US$ 130 billion annually, and releasing over 580 million tonnes of Carbon-dioxide gas. It stands out that these farmers live under US$ 2 a day, yet there are more than 870 million hungry people each day. The post-harvest losses result from poor handling and transportation, poor storage and remoteness of production areas to the market. Our company combines Cold Chain Logistics and Industrial scale solar drying to extend shelf life of produce.

We use Solar Satellite Collection Centres located in remote areas with high production to help farmers walk less hence deliver and sell their produce with minimal losses. The ultimate goal for our model is to increase income to more than 500,000 smallholder farmers in the country. Our potential to increase incomes is 5x (at least US$3,000) from their current status. We have been able to demonstrate this by increasing income from US$ 640/year to US$ 1,090/year for more than 1,000 farmers we have worked with."

East Africa Fruits Co. - Elia Festo (Tanzania)


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Elia Festo


Nominee 2017




Company East Africa Fruits Co.
Country Tanzania
Founder & CEO Elia Festo
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Nominee
Website www.eafreshproduce.com

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