Logo Green Challenge FundWith the contribution of the Dutch Postcode Lottery, Stichting DOEN (the DOEN Foundation) launches at the 10th edition of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Fund. The former prize winners have good benefit with the prize money of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, but it often occurs that new funding is necessary to obtain further growth. Former finalists who have sufficient potency are eligible for further investment to enable further development. In addition to financial support, the DOEN Foundation also provides substantive added value by connecting the right parties in its network and therefore assisting these companies further.

The first investment from the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Fund is in Ecovative, winner of the second edition of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. This company, based in New York, is literally growing the next generation of healthy, safe, sustainable materials using mushrooms. Ecovative is a pioneer of mycelium technology and world leading bio-materials company. The investment of 500.000 dollar from the Green Challenge Fund contributes to the introduction of a new product: MycoBoard™ panels,  a biofabricated form of engineered wood being produced without the use of toxic glue.

More information about the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Fund: www.doen.nl/greenchallengefund


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