Here you can find an overview of all our finalists from 2007-2016.


Willem Kesteloo (NL)

PowerWindows are patented and transparent double-paned windows that convert light into electricity. Conventional glass reflects about 30% of the incoming light, we instead collect that with our coating on the outside windowpane, transport it through the glass and convert it at our solar cell strips inside the window frame.

2015 - Land Life Company

Jurriaan Ruys (NL)

We believe that trees and plants are fundamentally important to the well-being of people and the health of our soil and air. Land Life Company has developed a unique, fully functional product to grow trees in dryland environments.

2014 - Bio-bean

Arthur Kay (UK)

Bio-bean is an award-winning green energy company that uses a patented process to upcycle waste coffee grounds into two Advanced Biofuel products, namely biodiesel and biomass pellets, used for powering buildings and transport systems.

2013 - bioMASON

Ginger Dosier (USA)

Ginger's companybioMASON "grows" bricks for use in building construction.

2012 - Mango Materials

Molly Morse (USA)

Mango Materials uses bacteria to turn methane into biopolymer granules in a cradle‐to‐cradle loop, using a patented process. The biodegradable, affordable plastic can be made into products, such as toys, packaging, and agricultural and construction materials.

2011 - Recycling Shower

Nick Christy (UK/AU)

This patented shower system reduces water and energy use and cost by 70 per cent without impairing enjoyment. Showering represents households' biggest use of water and second largest use of energy, but existing green solutions suffer from reduced water flow, length and temperature. This product combines an electrical element that heats the water, recirculation of warm water, and a heat exchanger that runs cooler water past hotter water.

2010 - SolSource

Scot Frank (USA)

SolSource by One Earth Designs is a high-performance parabolic solar concentrator that harnesses the energy of the sun for outdoor cooking.

2009 - RidgeBlade

Dean Gregory (UK)

The Power Collective Limited will produce and market the RidgeBlade MicroGeneration system, a rooftop turbine. This low-cost rooftop turbine captures wind power in low-wind conditions.

2008 - Ecovative

Eben Bayer (USA)

Ecovative uses mycelium to grow high-performing, healthy, and affordable materials that replace synthetic foams and plastics.

2007 - Qurrent

Igor Kluin (NL)

Qurrent produces a small black box, called a QBox, which does three things. It optimises energy use, turning things like your washing machine on and off when it's most efficient and cheapest.