2011 PLGC Svante Bengtsson150Plan: This heating, cooling and ventilation system for buildings is based on a special heat exchanger that combines these functions and works with an IT component and a heat pump. It takes in air from outside and removes air from indoors to regulate indoor temperature. The company says it reduces energy use by up to 85 per cent. Heat pumps cut the need for external energy by moving heat, and distribution by a heat exchanger reduces it further. Much of the system's energy can be generated from on-site renewable sources, further lowering carbon output.

During the first year at the Stockholm School of Economics Svante studied at 150% speed while starting Rehact with his business partner. He has been member of the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation for most of his life and has a profound drive to help save the environment using his expertise as a business manager. In 2011 Rehact was selected as one of the top 25 Cleantech Startups in the Nordic region. He has established networks within the Swedish Green Building Council and is now on their special task force to adapt the international building codes for green buildings.

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