2012 PLGC Stig Westling - image by Roy BeuskerPlan: Skip To Renew makes petroleum-free, non-toxic, biodegradable industrial and mechanical lubricants. Produced from renewable plants and algae and later upcycled into biodiesel, they are net sequesterers of greenhouse gases. The company sells a bicycle chain lubricant and is developing a hydraulic fluid that could have a dramatic environmental impact if US garbage trucks switch to it. The oils can help businesses meet green targets and become energy-independent, and used-oil pickup eliminates disposal costs. The lubricants’ non-toxicity benefits public safety and reduces businesses’ liability.

Update: Skip to Renew are still making the bar and chain oil and selling all over the States. Their hydraulic fluid and greases are not selling as much as the price of petroleum competition is low and going lower. Stig and Skip to Renew will however keep up the good fight.

Stig has also been managing a biodiesel company in San Francisco www.blueskybiofuels.com. They just passed the 3 million gallon mark replacing petroleum diesel with 88% less CO2 than #2 diesel and preventing 27,000 tons of CO2 from going into the atmosphere.

Biography: Stig Westling is the CEO and founder of Skip to Renew. Stig is a chemist with an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise. He is passionate about using green chemistry to create innovative products that are sustainable for the environment and safe for people. Since 2009, Stig has managed the operations for Sirona Fuels, a biodiesel manufacturing company, and has developed two chemical catalysts that reduced dependence on petroleum and brought the organization to profitability in less than two years.

Skip to Renew is Stig's dream of creating a non-toxic, biodegradable industrial lubricant that is safe for use, easy to dispose and can be upcycled into cleaner burning biofuels. With Skip to Renew, Stig has placed first runner-up for the Sustainable Brands business plan competition, first place at the North Bay Investor Hub competition, and a finalist in the SOCAP business plan competition. To share his passion for chemistry and sustainability, Stig teaches an environmental chemistry class and leads an algae research group at Dominican University of California.

Skip to Renew website

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