SolSource by One Earth Designs is a high-performance parabolic solar concentrator that harnesses the energy of the sun for outdoor cooking. Inspired by the problem of indoor pollution from household stoves faced by rural families in China, SolSource was developed by a team in Hong Kong in collaboration with Himalayan families. Five years and thirteen prototype generations later, SolSource is already providing hundreds of rural families with cleaner air in their homes, reducing their fuel gathering time and energy costs. Distribution of SolSource throughout the Himalayas is now expanding.

Launched in USA in 2013 through Kickstarter to support distribution to less developed regions, SolSource saw a lot of interest from the developed world and exceeded the funding goal significantly. Versatile enough to grill, steam, bake, boil, fry and BBQ, it cooks without the need to burn polluting fossil fuels that produce carcinogenic smoke emissions. SolSource is the first in a growing range of products that will bring innovative and clean energy solutions to people around the world. New products in development include electricity generation and water filtration systems.