2012 PLGC Robert Schwemmer - image by Roy BeuskerPlan: Naporo makes biodegradable building insulation from cattails. Its products have a significantly better CO2 balance than competitors, with a low energy footprint and the capacity to bind significantly more CO2 than other fibres. The insulation stores CO2 longterm while cutting buildings' energy use. Naporo is the world’s only industrial processor of cattails, which grow quickly, in any climate, with no need for fertiliser, and do not compete with food or fuel crops. Naporo has filed patents on its process and products.

Biography: Robert is 37 and originally from Germany. He studied architecture in the Munich / Bavarian. He started his researches on Typha in 2001 and finally founded Naporo in the year 2009. He is inspired by nature and often breaking new grounds with an unorthodox approach.

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