Pierre-Yves Cousteau - TurbosailPlan: Turbosail provides their customers with Turbosail™, the most efficient wind propulsion technology for seagoing vessel operators, which is proven to deliver 30% average reduction in fuel consumption as prototype. The maritime industry is on a mission to reduce fuel consumption in response to the rising cost of fuel, which today accounts for 50% of a shipping company cost. Upcoming tighter regulations, in particular on CO2 and sulphur, are expected to further increase the burden. Turbosail will build a capital light business to initially serve the tanker and bulker segment composed of 21,000 ships worldwide.

Bio: I love the oceans, I love diving, and I want children to grow up in a world where they can enjoy it as I have and do. After my studies in biochemistry and space, in 2010 I founded Cousteau Divers, a program that uses affiliated dive centers and ocean scientists (the divers) as observers of the ocean. As a next step, I am now working with two INSEAD classmates on Turbosail™, a clean tech company to dramatically reduce the emissions of the shipping industry, and an opportunity to have an even greater impact on the environment. Because the health of the oceans and the health of humans go hand in hand.



How do you feel about being one of the 2014 finalists?

Being chosen for the finals of the Green Challenge is extremely exciting. Not only to have the opportunity to come together with like-minded entrepreneurs in a healthy competition, but possibly winning a prize could really speed up the process of unlocking the market for hybrid wind propulsion in the shipping industry. I have no doubt that soon, once again, all seagoing vessels will harness the wind. It is going to be a tight race! And it is inspiring to think that whoever the winners are, the world will benefit from the promotion of bold cleantech solutions.