2012 PLGC Nick Gerritsen - image by Roy BeuskerPlan: CarbonScape uses fast, efficient industrial microwave technology to transform waste biomass, such as timber site residue, into high-grade materials that replace fossil carbon. Its low-cost, carbon-neutral products include green coke, activated carbon, biochar and graphite. Its customisable process could slash emissions by replacing fossil carbon in industry, decreasing emissions from organic waste decomposition, and offering companies products made from local materials.

CarbonScape converts energy generated by its processes into electricity, further lowering its net carbon impact. It has signed a green coke supply deal with a leading New Zealand steel manufacturer.

Biography: I'm a Marlborough-based entrepreneur specialising in the commercialisation of New Zealand grassroots technology propositions. I'm the founder and Chairman of Directors for CarbonScape and Celsias, and a founding Director for renewable fuel developer Aquaflow Bionomic Corporation. I was recently appointed a Trustee of the Hikurangi Foundation, and am founding Chairman of the National Whale Development Centre.

In my previous life as a lawyer, I advised leading corporates on intellectual property and later enjoyed several successful business ventures, most notably in radio and software sectors.  I have been an advisor to the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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