Plan: This patented shower system reduces water and energy use and cost by 70 per cent without impairing enjoyment. Showering represents households' biggest use of water and second largest use of energy, but existing green solutions suffer from reduced water flow, length and temperature. This product combines an electrical element that heats the water, recirculation of warm water, and a heat exchanger that runs cooler water past hotter water.

"Winning the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge kick-started us, gave us credibility and also gave us momentum. With the prize money I could hire engineers full time, which meant we then had a working prototype and we were also achieving goals. We went from being a business of promises to one that was hitting milestones and generating press coverage. Suddenly we were ‘real’ not just an idea."

The shower prototypes are now really far advanced – about 90% of the components we need to buy in have been identified and about half of the bespoke design work has been completed. They have undertaken 2 separate microbiology tests that prove our system produces safe water. The control system software and hardware is now very close to complete and they identified  a local manufacturing partner.

Nick Christy, is a British Chartered Accountant living in Australia. He is driven, analytical, creative and passionate about creating a business that makes a difference, generates value and provides a great place for people to work and learn. He spent most of the last 20 years involved in fast moving small and medium sized businesses deliberately building a skill set to help him successfully start and grow a company. He trained with KPMG and won several prizes during his career.