2011 PLGC Marjolein HelderPlan: Plant-e's products use electrodes to harvest electricity from live plants grown in a bed of activated carbon and water. The Green Electricity Roof is designed for generating decentralised power in cities while providing greenery and insulation. A pilot roof has been built. The company aims to deploy the system on a larger scale in areas such as wetlands and flood plains, and in rice paddies, e.g., in Southeast Asia.

Marjolein (1983) graduated as an Environmental Technologist with a minor in Management Studies at Wageningen University in 2008. After that she started her PhD at the sub-department of Environmental Technology of Wageningen University on a technology to produce electricity from living plants. Realising the potential and the application possibilities of the technology, half a year later she founded a company together with her colleague David Strik to rapidly develop the promising technology into tangible products. Since September 2009 she is combining her PhD-study (4 days a week) with her job as co-founder of Plant-e (rest of the time), working on the technology and its products simultaneously. She finished her PhD in December 2012 and has since been devoting all her time to Plant-e in order to make a commercial success of the spin-off company, generating electricity from living plants all over the world.