2008 PLGC Jochen Mundinger150Current independent travel and transport planning is time-consuming and tedious and often leads to less-than-ideal results that waste fuel, money and time.

routeRANK is a software tool with an easy-to-use web interface that efficiently finds and ranks the best routes, matching the users' search criteria. Unlike current travel websites that consider only one transport means at a time, routeRANK addresses the entire door-to-door route and fully integrates road, rail and air transport in a one-stop shop. It computes duration, price and CO2 emissions.

routeRANK contributes in three ways to reducing emissions. It provides the first comprehensive, door-to-door comparison of CO2 emissions from integrated air, road and rail travel. Second, it educates people about the emissions generated by their personal travel routes at the moment of booking their trip. Finally, it raises awareness of available public transport options, particularly for airport transfers.

routeRANK website