Plan Ginger's companybioMASON "grows" bricks for use in building construction. Traditional clay brick manufacturing utilizes a firing process that consumes fossil fuel, and is responsible for approximately 800-million tons of global CO2 emissions every year. bioMASON's patents-protected technology instead employs bacteria to produce a natural cement within a mix of loose aggregate.

Additionally required nutrients and mineral inputs are globally abundant, renewable resources; but may also be extracted from industrial waste streams. The cementation process is achieved in ambient temperatures. A hardened brick requires less than five days to form, and is comparable in cost and performance to traditional clay masonry.

Update Since September 2013, we have begun an extensive hiring process for additional technical team members, completed numerous press inquiries/releases, begun a search for new space and spoken with many potential customers. The team is quite excited and a new level of traction is now possible with the growth of the company, thanks to the PLGC.

We are fortunate to be in this position of multiple opportunities, and grateful to be part of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge success story. Currently at bioMASON, we are moving from an incubator to a space 3 times larger to accommodate both more bioMASON team members, and allow us to expand our prototyping systems. We are honored to now be in touch with past PLGC participants and winners and judges, and are meeting with them as our paths continue to now cross.

bioMASON are currently working on a pilot order for a few thousand brick pavers to be delivered in the third quarter of this year. They are to be used in a pedestrian walkway for a high profile architecture project.



Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2013 winner Ginger Dosier

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