Eben Bayer150px - Ecovative - 2009Plan Ecovative uses mycelium to grow high-performing, healthy, and affordable materials that replace synthetic foams and plastics. These Mushroom® Materials are made in a revolutionary new manufacturing process that uses a growing organism – analogous to the roots of mushrooms – to turn waste cellulose into a rigid biological resin, which can be composted at the end-of-life. This process is extremely energy-efficient, occurring in the dark, at room temperature and pressure, without any petroleum inputs. Mushroom® Materials are enabled by a flexible platform that can also be used to make sustainable materials for different products, including packaging, disposable coolers, and surfboards.

Today In addition to winning the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, Ecovative has been recognized by the World Economic Forum, Dupont’s Packaging Innovation Awards, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and other commendations for business and technology. Ecovative’s focus has expanded beyond insulation to protective packaging, which has been trademarked as Mushroom® Packaging and is licensed to the Sealed Air Corporation in some parts of the world. In addition to protective packaging, Ecovative develops materials for building insulation, automotive applications, engineered wood replacements and more. Ecovative aims to displace harmful plastics and foams wherever possible. The company occupies a pilot plant in Green Island, New York, where the 65 member team conducts R&D and manufacturing to scale new technologies that are competitive in cost while superior in performance and environmental impact.

More information: www.ecovativedesign.com, LinkedIn & Twitter: @ecovative

Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2008 winner Eben Bayer


Update 2014