Devin Malone - One Nights TentPlan: Tens of millions of people camp at music festivals annually. But when the music stops, one in four campers leave their equipment behind as waste. It’s an expensive and inconvenient way to camp, and for the festivals, it’s not only a huge cost, but a PR nightmare. At ONE NIGHTS TENT, we’re pioneering the recyclable campsite. Users pre-purchase their gear online, and we deliver it to them right on the festival campsite. That means no trip to the store, and no carrying from the car. Afterwards, we recycle or compost anything left behind. Our gear is better, cheaper, and more convenient. Why camp any other way?


Bio: I'm a passionate, determined young professional who believes in sustainable business. Growing up in Alaska made me appreciate the natural world, and my experience at DSM as a project manager for new business development gives me the skills to grow new ideas and manage complex tasks. I believe the most successful firms of the 21st century will be those that take into account the environmental and social impacts of their entire value chains. That's why I founded ONE NIGHTS TENT: pioneering the recyclable campsite.




How do you feel about being one of the 2014 finalists?

I'm honoured to be considered for such a prestigious award! Winning a prize would mean a huge boost to making the recyclable campsite a reality. And I'm really looking forward to meeting the other finalists and the jury in Amsterdam.