Plan: The Power Collective Limited will produce and market the RidgeBlade MicroGeneration system, a rooftop turbine. This low-cost rooftop turbine captures wind power in low-wind conditions. Its visual unobtrusiveness makes it suitable for city housing as well as environmentally sensitive locations like national parks. Its designer is an ex-Rolls Royce turbine engineer. Their figures indicate it would pay for itself in a few years.

Today: The final design of the RidgeBlade (RB2) has been in testing for nearly 2 years now, and it is performing exactly as expected. Our next challenge is to raise the funds to put the RB2 into production and to achieve certification for the key markets in Europe, North America and Japan.  They have found a production facility that would allow us to produce and sell RidgeBlades at a price that would make the units at least as effective as solar pv in terms of cost per kw.  The investment they are looking for would see the first batch of production which would go to testing for certification, and a much larger pilot programme with a number of very well known companies in the UK. After this is done, which will take about 12 months, they would be ready to launch the product globally.